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Emailing Tips

These days, most resumes are emailed to the potential employer or recruiter conducting a specific search. Receiving resumes via fax and snail mail is definitely frowned upon.

However, resumes received via e-mail can easily be lost into the proverbial electronic “blackhole.” Follow these tips to maximize your chances of getting your resume in front of a potential employer.


Email your resume in a Microsoft Word or PDF file.

Make sure your name appears in the subject line and throughout the cover letter in the body of the email

Name the document with your name, last name first, and a general position. For example: “Jones, Mary Marketing Coordinator.doc”

Make your cover letter part of your opening email message, and make sure it is tailored to the specific job posting.

Follow up via a telephone. Recruiters need to hear your grammar, your diction and your oral presentation.


Send your resume in a ZIP file or TXT file, or incorporate any type of pictures.

Label your resume “Resume.doc” or “MyResume.doc”, etc. Using your name in the document title shows you are taking into account the recipient’s organizational needs.

Send generic cover letters. This demonstrates that you’ve got a shotgun approach and that you answer bunches of ads rather than being selective.

Instruct the recruiter to go to your website to view your resume.

Attempt to have ongoing or lengthy email conversations with your recruiter.

Cancel an interview at the last moment by email. This will most definitely ruin any chance at candidacy.