These days, most resumes are emailed to the potential employer or recruiter conducting a specific search. Receiving resumes via fax and snail mail is definitely frowned upon.

However, resumes received via e-mail can easily be lost into the proverbial electronic “blackhole.” Follow these tips to maximize your chances of getting your resume in front of a potential employer.


  • Email your resume in a Microsoft Word or PDF file.
  • Make sure your name appears in the subject line and throughout the cover letter in the body of the email
  • Name the document with your name, last name first, and a general position. For example: “Jones, Mary Marketing Coordinator.doc”
  • Make your cover letter part of your opening email message, and make sure it is tailored to the specific job posting.
  • Follow up via a telephone. Recruiters need to hear your grammar, your diction and your oral presentation.


  • Send your resume in a ZIP file or TXT file, or incorporate any type of pictures.
  • Label your resume “Resume.doc” or “MyResume.doc”, etc. Using your name in the document title shows you are taking into account the recipient’s organizational needs.
  • Send generic cover letters. This demonstrates that you’ve got a shotgun approach and that you answer bunches of ads rather than being selective.
  • Instruct the recruiter to go to your website to view your resume.
  • Attempt to have ongoing or lengthy email conversations with your recruiter.
  • Cancel an interview at the last moment by email. This will most definitely ruin any chance at candidacy.

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