One of the most challenging decisions for many organizations in arduous market conditions is to pursue opportunities for growth while controlling their payroll.

Some would adopt a bullish approach and invest in recruiting talent that will help drive the company forward. Others will take a more cautious stand and bite the bullet hoping for better days ahead.

There is however a third avenue that more companies should consider: contract employment also known as temp, interim or freelance.

This form of employment brings several benefits to the hiring company under different aspects. Two important factors have to be considered before deciding whether this would be the route to go.

  1. The number one benefit for organizations is that contract employment brings a lot of flexibility to the hiring process; as most contract opportunities respond to immediate needs for project-based expertise with a limited time frame in mind. Once the need is no longer there the opportunity ceases to exist. If the need persists, then the contract period can be extended, renewed or the position converted into a permanent role.
  2. In many markets in the MENA region, one of the major obstacles to full-time employment has been the challenges imposed by strict regulations on:
    • the movement of people (visas, residence permits, etc..),
    • the growing list of related social benefits paid in addition to the employee’s compensation and,
    • the red tape and paperwork processing that goes along with the hiring of a full-time employee.

Temp or contractual employment can alleviate/defer or cancel these charges.

Several other factors would also apply and proper legal and financial advice should be taken before any commitment is made.

Here at SearchPath Arabia, we have developed the knowledge and expertise to be able to advise our clients on a broad range of issues pertaining to contractual employment. We provide them with many services to identify, recruit and bring on board expert employees to work on an interim, freelance or contractual basis.

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