Your Talent Acquisition partner in the ME and Africa

What Sets Us Apart

SearchPath Arabia consultants bring an unparalleled combination of education, worldwide contacts, and real-world experience to their pursuit and management of Talent for client companies.


SearchPath Arabia consultants have extensive experience in Talent acquisition and development particularly in the marketing communications field. They have experienced the evolution of the industry and fully understand the new imperatives. As such they have been involved in the development of new Talent profiles and search and attraction activities to bring about the much needed Talent diversity that the new paradigm requires.


SearchPath Arabia consultants hold advanced degrees and certifications from institutions in Europe, North America and the Middle East, reflecting our desire to apply the best theories of human capital management to benefit our client companies.

Also we follow a very systematic and rigorous selection process that ensures that only the most qualified talent is contacted, selected and recruited.


SearchPath Arabia is part of SearchPath International, a publicly traded, US based, rapidly growing Talent acquisition firm. We can leverage our global network of offices and affiliates to help clients identify talent across multiple practice areas and industries, and search for candidates in different regions of the world.

We are also a registered recruiter at multiple leading North American, European and Middle Eastern universities, allowing us to identify and attract exceptional Arab-speaking graduates to client companies across the region..